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Additional Activities


Here we are focusing on the activities that you can do in a less than 1km radius from A Log Home at Buffalo Creek. These activities are run by Umshanti Watersports. You will need to contact them for further information and to make any booking.


Boat Cruise at Umshanti

Cruises on a double decker barge for up to 35 people. They park in the gorge where you can braai, take a canoe trip to the waterfall, hike up the mountain, swim or just relax.

Maximum 3 hours.

Contact Umshanti directly for latest rates.

Access to Buffeljagsdam


* No charge to launch your own canoe

* Contact Umshanti to launch your boat at the boat club (all necessary papers and licenses required)


Contact Umshanti Watersport for more details.

Microlight flight at Umshanti

Microlight flip. Contact Umshnti directly for updtaed rates.

Canoe/Boat Rental at Umshanti

Canoes can be rented for fishing, exercise or sight-seeing.


Canoe Rental: double canoe per day


Half day rental of Spykertjie die flot (maximum 4 Adults)



Contact Umshanti directly for updated rates


Please confirm prices directly.

Umshanti Watersport: 028 512 3787

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